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Parallel Lines

Welcome to Haunted Garage

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Welcome to Haunted Garage! We are glad you are here. With the popularity of our podcast, we also moved into the terrestrial radio space with a fantastic team and station over at NewsTalkSTL radio. Our mission is to provide a fun and inquisitive talk show all about the paranormal. You'll hear about haunted transportation, aliens, cryptids, and mysteries in Saint Louis and the surrounding areas. We hope you like our show and will support and share it! 

Charles Lemp

June 1st, 2024
Jeremy and Franki end the Lemp series with, Charles Lemp. This episode seals the suicide quartet as we end the Lemp Series.
Rebecca Lemp will be put off till Spooky Season, September - October. 

The Elmwood Ranch House

June 8th, 2024
The Ranch House at Elmwood is the only place we have stayed where it was not under the guise of a Paranormal Investigation. We were,
Air-B-N-Bing it.  This would turn into a horrifying experience as each one of us would encounter the paranormal. 

Yūrei and Onryō

June 15th, 2024
Japanese ghosts, such as Yūrei and Onryō, are iconic spirits entwined with rich folklore. They are known for their vengeful nature and eerie tales deeply rooted in cultural beliefs.

Reach Out!

Would you like to be a THIRD SEGMENT GUEST on our Radio Show to promote your paranormal products or services? Do you have a possible haunting in your residence, apartment, or lake house and would like to schedule a private investigation? 

SHOW IDEAS: Do you have a subject you would like us to cover, we would happily oblige if it fits our narrative. 

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